Hunters of the Tainted is a roleplaying guild on Argent Dawn EU, world of warcraft.
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 All you need to know about us!

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All you need to know about us! Empty
PostSubject: All you need to know about us!   All you need to know about us! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2016 1:35 am


The mist was fading, light began to shimmer over the mountains through the fading fog. Edward looked down upon his hands, covered in the dried blood of his last mission, smoke still filled his ears when he felt the hand upon his shoulder. "You have suffered many losses Ed.. You have struggled.. Take some days off, consider your situation and tell me what you truly want.. I promise we will do what we can to help.. " Those were the last words he heard. He could always tell when he was alone again, too accustomed to the training, he knew this time there would be no surprise ambushes, the words were sincere. Red, the color red spread into the pureness of the water as he washed his hands and found himself sitting on the hilltop, on that very rock where he first celebrated his new path, or what he thought would be his new path for the rest of his life as he watched the sun rising..

Eight weeks, eight long weeks of travelling and thinking it took. He ventured across the borders, across the sea and all he could hear, was news and rumors.. Farmers, traders, merchants and soldiers, veterans of war of all races speaking of the lacking balance of the world. How even among the alliance the magic corrupted, spread like a plague. He knew little of magic, beyond what they had taught him during his training, his work for the King.. But he realized quickly that the threats was not just people corrupted, but beings, relics, artifacts... Ancient magic and demons.. Threats he knew he alone could not solve.. Threats that kept growing, taking families, killing the lands and ruining.. It was then he decided to head home. He knew what to ask, he knew what he wanted...

Back in Stormwind he found his way into the office. Handed out the papers, the papers that if accepted would give him a purpose, a goal, a reason to live and keep fighting.. A month later he got his reply. They accepted it. The permission was granted and he could now gather up able men and women, to make an order, with the sole purpose of travelling through the lands, vanquishing with the law in their back those who abused magic, the corrupted, the lost.. As long as they kept their word, to not kill those possible to be saved, to hand over the prisoners if any and to safe-keep or vanquish the relics and artifacts posing a threat to the safety of the alliance along their path.

What kind of guild is this:

This is a medium-heavy roleplaying guild. We do some pvp, transmog raids and mythic dungeons and fun stuff on the side. In terms of events and not just the daily rp, we have 2-3 events a week. In terms of numbers we are a fairly new guild, with both very experienced roleplayers and new. So dont be shy!

OOC'ly speaking the restrictions of joining this order is if you are a warlock or deathknight. Exceptions can be made depending on the characters ways, background and so forth. If your character concept defies lore entirely or your are roleplaying the son of Illidan, we will aid you in changing things up a little bit so to speak. As we follow the lore to the best of our ability and go for quality over quantity. But we welcome those willing to learn with open arms.
The goal of the order is to hunt down the tainted of the world, fight against those abusing magic, vanquish beings and creatures that poses a threat to the innocent. The order takes missions from others, as all other people they need coin to get by on the journeys. So if your character wants coin, adventure, some risk in life, a purpose and goal to follow, this is the order for you!

What kind of events and rp can I expect?

The events are usually dm'ed events, with the use of ncp characters, actual played rp characters and so on. Our system is simple, based on the one in charge setting the terms, we do not use a hp system but rolls.
The order takes on missions from outside sourcers as well as our inside ones, and the people in the order is paid icly at the end of each month.
The regular pay, then there are increased pay for: part-taking in the events, delivering in useful information, doing research and minor missions/tasks.

My character is not the most experienced, what kind of character progression can I expect in that regard?

Depending on what your class is and what you seek, there will be and are already some characters able to teach and mentor you along the way. Of course there is training to keep up your skills available too if you rp a more experienced character. Should you wish to be a tutor/teacher/mentor and take on apprentices that is also an option!

How does the ranks work in the guild?

The ranks beyond the higher ones simply define your role within the order.

What ranks are there?

Aside from the specific ranks among the order that tells you what responsebuilities each rank have all of the members of the order part-takes in the combat. For among our order everyone needs to know how to defend themselves, how to fight and most importantly they must be willing to learn if they dont know how. All of our members regardless of ranks are to report in suspicious behaviour, sightings, keep their eyes and ears open at all times when wandering about.

This is your boss icly.

The ic officers of the order, the right hands of the Captain.

Tutors, teachers and mentors.

Our researchers are those who dabble mainly in researching and producing items, maps, knowledge and weapons we need. They find the information, they study, they gather our resources and combines them to find a full picture. Among the researchers we also have those with expertice in alchemy, tinkering. These members find solutions, where others see none, and if it means to engineer something out of what is around them to find a way to solve a problem, they will.

The elite magical users of the order, they take care of the safekeeping or destruction of artifacts, relics, weapons of the dark arts, books, grimoires and other magical items found along the way. They are also our main source of combat against the magical threats.

Rogues, hunters, druids. They spie, they cross enemy lines, they venture as scouts and infiltrators, putting themselves in danger, as they hide in the shadows to gather the information we need.

The medics and healers of the order.

Combat/melee team:
Our main fighting squad, melee and otherwise. Their task is to guard the rest in battle, defend and protect the front, back and flanks.

Starting rank:
Outsider. You remain an outsider until you have proved your abilities, your worth to the order. Trust is gained with time, and if you are capable you will find yourself promoted into the approperiate rank soon enough.

Your alts that are not icly in the order.

How to rise in rank?
Prove your worth and dedication. Behave well and engage with the other members.

What are the requirements to join?
You must be above level 50. We prefer the max level due to our travelling, so out of practical reasons with aggro and survivability during events from random mobs we expect those who are not at max level to level their characters up as soon as they can.

Addons required, addons suggested:
TRP or MPR is required, GHI could be a good one to have in case.

Alts are welcome to have, but not too many for now. You may have both ic alts and ooc alts.

What are the rules?

IC rules:
No trolling
No god emoting
No OP looking armor peices, or too shiny stuff. If your weapon defies gravity, change it. We have no uniforms, but keep away from the: I shine brighter than the moon and there are animals crawling out of my armor etc.
Have fun!

OOC rules:
No spamming.
No insults or mean stuff to one another.
Not that is should need to be written but just incase: No public means of ERP.
Follow the rules and guidlines of Blizzard.

Warning: We have a slightly mature guild chat, so if you are a voulnerable soul, you are warned.
Have fun!

Punishments for bad behavior:
Delay of rise in rank. If you behave badly oocly or icly you risk a guild kick. There is no 3 warnings system within this guild, so it depends on what you do, every situation will be evaluated accordingly.

What if I am offline for a long time?
If you know you are going to be offline for a long period of time and dont wish to be kicked, simply let the guildleader/officers know. If you are gone for 2 months without pre warning to the leadership you will be removed from the guild, but can get an invite back upon your return

How do we recruit:
Come up IC and say you recognize our surcoat (tabard) or Edward could send you a letter IC, since he gets possible recruitments by his ravens and connections. Any member of the order that is no longer an outsider can recruit you, but you will expected to seek out the Captain as soon as possible. So if you want in, poke one of us for questions to be answered, recruitment to be done, or bump into us icly. Do note not all of our members feel comfortable with recruiting so keep that in mind. They will however ask around for you!
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PostSubject: Re: All you need to know about us!   All you need to know about us! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 23, 2016 5:27 pm

On a side note we like to do raids, mythic dungeons, heroic dungeons, transmog runs and pvp too!
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All you need to know about us!
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